Beside a Master of Arts in Photography, Veronica holds a Masters Degree in Art therapy from Roma 3 University and a Diploma in Teenagers Clinical Studies from Paris Descartes University. She was trained in PhotoTherapy and Photolangage by Judy Weiser and Claire Bélisle. Since 2012, she has been employed by mental health institutions to deliver Photography-based Art therapy sessions for adults and teenagers with substance dependence and psychiatric issues. She currently works, among others, for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of Institut Mutualiste Montsouris hospital in Paris. She has been invited to intervene on Photography-based Art therapy in several international conferences.

Conference Presentations

L’art-thérapie à médiation photographique : l’obscurité en tant que lieu de transformation”, Ateliers de communication des 35èmes Journées de la Société de l’Information Psychiatrique chaired by Dr Manuella De Luca; other speakers: Dr Emmanuelle Granier and Dr Gérard Shadili, Bruxelles, September 30, 2016

Light Painting, Social Art and Art therapy”; other speaker : artist Hannu Huhtamo, II Oviedo LightArt Congress, Oviedo, Spain, July 2016

Darkess-based Photography in Art Therapy” PhototherapyEurope in Prisons and Elsewhere Conference chaired by Prof Del Lowenthal, Roehampton University, London, October 2014


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